7 Best Dropship Suppliers for Baby Products in Malaysia

Dropship Suppliers _ for Baby Products

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7 of the best dropship suppliers for baby products in Malaysia

If you’re thinking of starting online business in 2020, now is the perfect time to get things moving.

To kickstart your online business with zero capital, dropshipping would be the best and wise way to do it. Not sure what kind of product to sell?


Let me give you a headstart.. try baby products. Baby products are very easy to market.


In fact, it is a rather popular product among work at home mom who does dropshipping. Not to mention the fact that there is always a demand for it. With a vast variety of products for you to choose from there is certainly no reason for you to be wary of competitors.


You can sell clothes, footwear, diapers, food, bedtime story books, toys and on and on.


But first off, you will need a blog /website to showcase your products.


For that, you need to get yourself a domain and a webhosting.




Not knowing the difference between a domain and a webhosting and how to choose one?


Read : How to choose the best domain and webhosting


Once you’re done securing a domain, you may proceed to start your blog.


Not sure how to do it?


I have a step by step tutorial on how to start a blog.


You may head over to that page to follow along the easy tutorial and before you know it, you’d be the proud owner of a business blog, with your own brand!


Now lets’s move on to get your baby supplies ready.


Here’s my hand selected list of 7 best dropship suppliers for baby products in Malaysia.

While I tried to provide a little bit of information on each of the listed suppliers, however due to time contraint I am unable to do it.

So it would be to the best of your interest that you thoroughly read the terms and conditions before you sign up as a dropshipper.


Read : How to start your own dropship online business


This list of suppliers is not sorted out not in any kind of order. Just take your time to visit the site, browse through the listed products and go through the FAQ and you should get the hang of it.


In sha Allah


#1 Kumoten

Dropship Supplier for baby products - Kumoten

Click to register – dropship Kumoten

#2 Little Kids Dropship supplier Click to register – dropship LittleKids


#3 Mumbling Baby

Dropship Suppliers for baby products - Mumbling Baby

Click to register – dropship MumblingBaby


#4 Mamapayish

Dropship suppliers for baby products - Mamapayish

Click to register – dropship Mamapayish


#5 Online Baby Wear

Dropship Suppliers for baby products - Online Baby WearClick to register –  dropship OnlineBabyWear


#6 JomDropshipDropship Suppliers for baby products - JomDRopship

Click to register – dropship JomDropship


#7 Barangan Baby Murah

Dropship Supplier s for baby products - Barangan Baby Murah

Click to register – BaranganBabyMurah


Updated : #8 My Online Toys

Dropship supplier - MyToysOnline Click to register – Dropship MyToysOnline

That’s it, your list of dropship suppliers for baby products. I do hope this list helps to start off  your hunt  and to fire up your online business.

If you do know of any other trusted and credible dropship suppliers in Malaysia, do reach out to me so that I may add it on to the list.


You may also paste the website link in the comment section.

Please spread around this list to your friends by sharing it on your Facebook wall. Sharing is definitely caring.


**Updated. Thanks to Serena from kliktapbeli.blogspot.com for pointing out that a few of the sites listed are no longer valid. I chose to leave them there with a strikethrough though.



~~Kak Su


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