I am dedicating this page, especially for my English readers.
Most of the articles in this blog are written in Bahasa Malaysia with a generous sprinkle of English here and there.

I have always wanted to curate a page, translating all my most read articles into English and placed them there.

Unfortunately, to do that, I would need to upload a plugin. I tried using Polylang but it didn’t work well with my site.

So I have put the wish on hold until I can find time to master the use of that plugin.

I started this blog on 9 Aug 2017.

I chose that momentous date to launch it, just so it coincides with the celebration of my birth country’s National Day.

Initially, it was meant to be a blog that serves the lady boss.

Through the years, it has attracted other gender readers too.

Due to that, I was forced into changing my writing style, addressing and welcoming all genders.

So today, two months fall short of its third launch anniversary, I am proud to say that I have changed my writing style to cater to all gender.

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