5 Reason you should work from home

5 Reasons Why You Should Be A Work At Home Mom

5 reasons you should work from home

5 Reasons Why You Should Be A Work At Home Mom

Psst.. Ladyboss, thinking of some excuses to justify yourself on why you should be a work at home mom?


Here, let me share with you my 5 reasons on why I enjoyed working from home.


5 Reasons Why You Should Work From Home

  1. Pray on time – Ultimate dream for every practising Muslimah
  2. Kailulah – The much forgotten and often neglected sunnah that is beneficial for health
  3. Flexibility of time – Allowing me to plan out my daily schedule around my kids and be ready for the uncertainty of an unwell child.
  4. Saving money – I get to set aside a fixed amount of savings, that otherwise would have been spent on unneccesarily if I was working outside my home
  5. Healthier lifestyle – No deadlines to meet, no peer pressures nor backbiting gossips and that totally means, no cause for unduly stress.


Pray on time

Working from home means I now get to pray on time Alhamdulillah and I’m loving it.


Gone are the days where I used to pray when I have the time. But seriously, you just have to make an effort to make time for this, and it is extremely tough if you are on a payroll, working for someone else.


Where I used to work, we don’t get to hear the muadzin call for prayer. Masjid is a good few kilometres away.


Now that I work from home, I get to answer the call towards victory (haiya ala solah) promptly. Alhamdulillah


Kailulah (Mid-day nap)

Just after my high school, I took up a clerical job in a local bank. Each day after lunch, I would sneaked into the filing room (It was an enormous room filled with rows and rows of book shelves and tonnes of paper files on them) and took a nap.


Sometimes it lasted for more than an hour, that cat nap. Why was I feeling sleepy at mid day, I could never live up to that guilt.


Recently I found out that taking a mid day nap, was the practice of our beloved messenger of Allah (peace and Allah’s blessings be upon him) Well, now that I know, I plead , not guilty hehe


Flexibility of time

My kids have always been the centre of my life (well.. err.. dont’t all moms feel that way) My daily routine centres around them.


Being a work at home mom, allows me the flexibility to plan out my daily schedule around my kids and be ready for the uncertainties of their growing up pangs.


Saving money

Those days when I was working outside my home, I would wash and iron my clothes weekly.

I hanged them neatly in the wadrobe in the descending weekly order, Mondays through Saturdays .

That way, I would know in a glance what I would have to wear for a certain day. Surprisingly the clothes were never enough and I kept shopping for more. I just had to have those matching shoes and handbags too.


Alhmdulillah, working from home means I get to shop less. There is no need to dress up for work. I also get to save on my transportation as office is just 3 steps away.


Cofee, tea, biscuits or whatever snacks I fancy is always ready, on the kitchen table. Since I no longer need to lunch out, that means another great savings for me.


Healthier lifestyle

I love to get up an hour before fajar to do meditation. These are just simple breathing exercises, couple with few repetitive dumbbell workouts and a daily zikr.


I would be multi tasking on these hehe, talk about multi task. So instead of counting one to fifteen for each repetition of my workout, I did zikrullah.


Since there is no neighborhood park where I used to live. Going out for briskwalk is not an option as much as I’d love to.


So instead of driving my kancil, I made an effort to walk to the nearby mini mart for my daily grocery run.


As there are no deadlines to meet, no office peer pressures , no backbiting gossips, I am more at peace within myself. That leads to a much better productivity.


Work stress?


It’s totally unheard of as I could easily switched from office hour , to after office hour mode anytime.


Whenever it feels like I had enough for the day, I simply call it a day.


So what’s your excuses ladyboss, why do you choose to work from home? I’d like to hear from you. Perhaps, it could be another one or two more reasons for me to add on to my list.


If you enjoyed reading this, let’s share it with other  ladyboss out there, may it benefit them as well, In sha Allah.


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5 Reaons Why You Should Work From Hme

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